Last Words for the Last Days

Last Words for the Last Days is a compelling compilation of 50 of the most poignant and powerful last discourses from the world’s greatest prophets, both ancient and modern. The only book of its kind, this deeply moving volume includes brief biographical and historical information on each prophet, as well as insights into the unique circumstances leading up to their enthralling last words for the last days.

About the Author

Kathleen Ryan - Author of Last Words for the Last DaysKathleen Ryan is an award-winning writer and public relations professional. Originally from Massachusetts, she moved to Florida where she resided for 25 years before relocating to rural Alabama.
Kathleen launched her writing career in 1980, and since then has written more than 2,000 articles for national and international magazines, newspapers and trade publications, in addition to editing, co-authoring, and ghost writing a variety of specialty books.

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As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, her life-long service has included: Area Media Specialist, Stake Relief Society President, Sunday School Teacher, and Church Educational System (CES) Instructor for both Seminary and Institute classes.

Thank you all for the kind words, like these from Connie Fixmer...

"I am enjoying this book so-o-o-o much! Scriptures that I've read before take on a whole new depth when placed in the context of being a person's last message. The summarized biographies are also wonderfully done and have been extremely useful. I love that I can read in short 10 min. sessions, and be so uplifted."


Read what blogger Richard Tait said about the book...

"Why are last words so moving? Could it be that man and womankind, when they are preparing to wrap up the last chapters of their lives and facing the uncertain, yet hopeful realities of their Third Estate, reflect on what is truly important? If so, then there should be no book more important to us, except for the scriptures, than a collection of “last words.” ...Kathleen Ryan, a very talented biographer."


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Last Words for the Last Days